The Importance Of The Skinner's Family

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The Skinner household is like many other families across the country. They are often busy with work, school, and outside activities that take away from quality family time. In todays society dinners in the drive thru, messy houses, and very little time to sit with the family has become the norm. While the Skinners have been living like this for quite sometime, it has taken a toll of their family lifestyle and they are wanting to change for the better. I would like to set some guidelines to help the Skinners achieve their goals and through this we must distinguish their most important needs to make this change successful. The family has made several goal out comes but the biggest one is time management. They spend so much time apart or dealing…show more content…
During the first week of the 22nd I will be evaluating all the chores and daily household duties. Week 2 I will create a chore chart for each member of the family. The children will be given age appropriate chores such as cleaning their rooms, making their beds every morning, making sure their bathroom is clean, putting laundry where it belongs, and helping with dishes. Dad will receive duties like mowing the grass, making sure the trash gets picked up every week, cleaning the back yard, and any household up keep. Mom will be responsible for all other duties, but may delegate to other members as needed. The cart will remain in the kitchen and once a chore is complete they can put a star next to their duty. At the end of the week if the children have all their stars they get a special prize, under the parents discretion. Since the chore chart is rather simple I will be evaluating how the chart is working for the family, and wether something needs to added or changed. Eventually everybody duties will become second nature without relying on a chart to tell them what to do. Following this create complete their goal of household
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