The Importance Of The Seventeenth Amendment

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We live in the post restitution era. Mark Levin’s book is about amending the Seventeenth Amendment. By passing the Seventeenth amendment Levin explains how it took away the states’ voice and power in the federal government and their power. Levin explains different reasons why we should eliminate the Seventeenth amendment and go back to the original ideas of the Framers in order to go back to the checks and balance. The Seventeenth Amendment serves no one but the federal government, giving them more unnecessary powers. The Amendment takes away the states input in lawmaking, gives more power to the federal government and expands the power of the president. Over the course of American History, the champions of a stronger presidency have almost always prevailed. State does not have anyone to represent them. Levin states “furthermore, state sovereignty is not a top priority for most senators because the state legislatures hold no sway over them” (Levin, 47.) Senators have no interest in what the states want. The federal government told the states that they have to rise the drinking age or...

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