The Importance Of The SAT

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SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The definition of aptitude is the “natural ability to do something or to learn something.” (1) Based on the name, one can gather that the SAT is a test that does not test your knowledge but how you attain it. College Board is the company that publishes and owns the SAT. The SAT was design based on an IQ test which means is meant to test a student’s ability they were born with not abilities gained through schooling. The SAT is said to be a predictor of how well a student will do in college academically. The SAT is administered for the duration of three hours and forty-five minutes and there are three sections being tested on. The critical reading, math and writing sections each are an 800 points and the cumulative scores range from 600 to 2400 points. Over millions of students all over the world take the SAT because colleges and universities in the United States require it in their applications.
The format of the questions in the SAT are not similar to what students are used to in school. The subjects being tested might be the same as the ones taught in schools but the problems are structured differently than the form students have experienced in high school classes. When asking a current senior in high school about the format of the SAT questions the response was, “each question on the test felt like a trick question. The questions were not straight forward and all the answers seemed to be good enough to be the right answer. All the knowledge I gained from high school felt useless to the puzzle in each question.” Over the years SAT has been more and more disconnected from the work of high schools. Students have to study for school and the SAT separately. The SAT as a whole is deeply flaw...

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...alified applicants, increase the quality of the freshman class and increase diversity in the freshman class. In 2013, one-fourth of the applications received students did not submit test score which means that 4,000 of these applicants would not have applied if it weren’t for that fact Ithaca was not requiring them. For some students, test scores “conceal more than they reveal.”(us news) Like Ithaca College and American university, many of the other colleges that became optional in terms of test scores noticed the same outcomes. One is that diversity remarkably increased in terms of geography, ethnicity and socioeconomic background. Another is that test sores don’t really matter because the ones that submitted scores and the ones that didn’t have no difference in freshman GPA or in drop-out rates.
College Board finally took the step to revise the deeply flaws SAT.
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