The Importance Of The Running Start

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Occasionally, you will not see the significance of a moment until it becomes a memory. A memory that can change everything to you, from a certain place to an idea. A place can mean something to me, but it could mean something very different to others. We go to places every single day, from the grocery store down the street to the room in your school you hate to enter. We can go to a particular place a million times, but once the slightest thing changes, it can alter your perspective. All it takes is one visit for the place to have a whole new meaning. As a high school student in the Running Start Program, all my surroundings have changed and everything has taken a new meaning. High school is a place where you prepare for college, meet your…show more content…
The Running Start Program has been around for many years and has been very successful. According to the article Running Start: 2000-01 Annual Progress Report that analyzes the Running Start Program, “The program … is designed to reduce the amount of the time students have to spend in college; consequently, the costs of attending college will also be diminished” (Hanson). This program is really going to help me in many ways. One main reason why I joined Running Start was because my older brother did it. He not only became Valedictorian in high school but he also got a full ride scholarship to the University of Chicago in Illinois. Following his steps would be a great accomplishment for me. There are many more reasons why I did the Running Start Program, for example saving money, time and having a better education. According to the article Running Start: 2001-02 Annual Progress Report, that researches the way the Running Start Program helps students, in 2001-02 “Students and their parents also save [money] because Running Start classes are offered tuition-free. In the last academic year, this resulted in a savings of about $17.4 million in tuition” (“Running Start: 2001-02 Annual Progress Report”). Not only, is this program going to help me be mentally prepared for bigger things, but the program will also save me a lot of
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