The Importance Of The Reading Process

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This paper is to identify the variety of sociological, political, and psychological issues that impact a child 's mastery of the reading process, and how instructors can effectively contribute to the reading success of diverse students in their classroom.

Reading is such a complex combination of skills that may affect an individual 's ability to read in several ways. A study reveals that often students bring to the reading process their own set of experiences and knowledge that affect their behavior. Besides, a lots of them are faced oftentimes with other problems such sociological, political, and psychological issues that can impact their mastery of the reading process. Therefore, It is important for instructors to acknowledge
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This is essential for making sure every student receiving the appropriate instruction and then verifying that learning is taking place, and every student is learning. As we all know, the job of the classroom teachers are not simply to facilitate reading, but also to expand their understanding of individual differences among students. As the lesson is taking place, classroom teachers will observe how the students are responding to the lesson. As a result, they will be sensitive to individual differences, That way, they will be able to change their teaching plans to modify instructions. In addition, teaching ELL students require a lot of understanding and patient. Because, every student is different; therefore, they learn differently. For example, they differ in their intelligence, social awareness, emotional maturity and so forth. As a matter of fact, we need to agree that those students are struggling readers. Consequently, careful presentation and observations of their characteristics will help to inform about how to approach them, and the type of instruction instructors have to pass to them. For Example, some children may be silent in class, while others are highly distractible. Some Hispanics or Creole students may look down when addressing an adult, or rely on a particular gesture or word to understand a passage.…show more content…
Therefore, reviewing some of the strategies that may contribute to the reading success of diverse students in the classroom will be significant. For example, once the effective teacher determining what each student is ready to learn, he or she must then connect students learning needs to effective teaching strategies which consist of designing lessons plans. All these must begins the first day of school. Also, teachers must know how to communicate expectations and rules clearly within a positive classroom climate to release any possible fear or stress students may have. In addition, teachers must be able to identify through their assessments what learning abilities each student had already developed and teach him or her accordingly in order to minimize the amount of time taken away from instruction. Then, teachers may emphasize on small-group instruction to allow students to interact. Also, They can daily monitoring students progress by using charts that illustrated small steps of progress so students can visually see their gains. At the same talking, they can praise each student at least once a day to encourage them to remain on tasks. Being said, I would love to finish this paper with a

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