The Importance Of The Quality Of Life

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Throughout history several authors have made the argument that the quality of life has decreased due to the many changes society has brought to the America. Richard Naish perfectly explains this statement through various arguments in his book The Relevance. In this book Richard Naish clarifies how the Internet has caused users to become dependent on social networking cites. Naish explains that people are addicted to these social networking cites which is causing them to become disconnected from real life society. People are becoming too reliable upon the Internet. Naish also makes it clear that instead of actually researching information based on books people are using the Internet. Wästlund, Norlander, and Archer fully support the hypothesis that because of technology the quality of life has decreased. This source of information explains the importance of the internet paradox that the world is starting to notice more and more every day. It dives deep into details about a study that designed guidelines for the harming internet use of people. The authors of this resource give many helpful statistics that provided information about how serious this internet paradox has really developed. It provides information that help grasp why people are beginning to become addicted to the internet, and the complications that hinder the mind due to the usage of the internet. It also explains why the “quality of life” in many of these people has decreased due to being addicted to the internet. In comparison to these previous authors, other authors have similar arguments concerning women who perform a double duty job. Authors such as Megum and Smith argue Omori and Smith have argued that for many years there have been great debates bet...

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...“texting slang”. This makes it very difficult to find good quality workers because their first impression is viewed negatively. Consequently, this decreases the quality of life for those who cannot acquire a decent job.
Throughout history, women’s lives have changed drastically whether that is through their jobs, roles as a mother, or the ways they raise their children, but it has decreased the quality of life in many aspects. American women in previous years felt as if they have been overworked. The amounts of hours they have worked have been increased. This has more than doubled for working and married women. That means that before women were just working part time jobs for extra cash, but now, they work full time jobs on top of their responsibilities as mothers. An even more frightening statistic is that the working hours have quadrupled in hours for working
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