The Importance Of The Pyramids At Giza

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The Pyramids at Giza were beautiful structures were built to endure an eternity. They are meant to protect and usher an Egyptian Pharaoh in the afterlife. The monumental tombs are the legacy of Egypt 's Old Kingdom era and were constructed more than 4,500 years ago. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were expected to become gods once they entered the afterlife. In preparation for their journey through the afterlife, Pharaohs recruited his people to erect monuments and temples worshipping the gods, as well as massive pyramid tombs for themselves. Along with the building of the tomb, the builders would filled the tombs with everything a ruler would need to sustain himself in the next life. Along the tomb walls artist would carve and paint beautiful scenes depicting the daily lives of Egyptians. The entire Giza Pyramid complex tells us that the ancient Egyptians searched for order out of the chaos. They used an understanding of the frailty of life and the driving need to understand the constants in nature to form the basis for their beliefs, daily lives, and ultimately their culture.…show more content…
The ancient Egyptians understood and relied on the movement of the sun to survive. With the sun being the life force of the their universe the Ancient Egyptians chose to put such importance on it that they worshiped the sun, by personifying the sun as a God. The sun god of Ancient Egypt, Ra was often considered patron of the pharaoh and one of the central gods of the Egyptian pantheon.“Ra was so powerful and popular and his worship was so enduring that some modern commentators have argued that the Egyptian religion was in fact a form of veiled monotheism with Ra as the one god.”
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