The Importance Of The Purchasing Cycle In Purchasinging Process And Management

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Purchasing Cycle
We are going to talk about Procurement cycle, its elements; we are going to talk about each element in a specific way and its significance to the purchasing manager. Procurement cycle has 10 elements (stages) each one of them tell us about the importance of this cycle for the entire purchasing system in every company as there is no company do not need to deal with many types of purchasing systems (ways) in our advanced business world.
First of all we are going to define the purchasing cycle. Purchasing cycle is frequent buying design of companies in specific industries where purchasing order are issued after an unchanged number of days from the last purchase process. Management in any company must understand the
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Description of the need of the purchasing cycle.
Description means Inform potential suppliers of all the needs and demands of customers or users in the best possible way and style in order to clarify everything in suppliers’ minds in order to provide a better picture of the product or service required. And so there are classifications for the need, there are categories of description; there is description by market grade or the industry standard, the purchasing managers give the suppliers their observations on the product or service required like if they want the quality good, bad or super quality.
There is description by brand, as if the managers want specific brand or wholly new brand. A description by specialization, the purchasing managers must give “the to do list” about the product or the service required as it must do what the users or customers want it to do for example as an employ’s job in a company, there are responsibilities and missions he must does as well as the product required. Description by performance characteristics, this means the performance quality must be as the user want and it also depends on the user’s financial state. There is description by prototypes or sample, the manager give the supplier an initial design of the required product to make him follow or trace the steps of formation of the initial design to make the final product like it is in the user’s mind. For ex: the business must specify the necessary product by using identifiers such as color or
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