The Importance Of The Prophet Muhammad Peace

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Of the Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him the greatest credit for raising the level of Arab civilization, after the Dark Ages in Europe, and eras of ignorance in the Arabian Peninsula, and in this article we are trying to prove this fact, not only from the mouths of Muslim scholars, even from the mouths of thinkers and researchers from non-Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - made from Arab tribes Nation:
Says evlin Cobbold : "It was the Arabs before Muhammad - peace be upon him - a nation does not like her, nor the importance of tribes, nor to her group, and when he came Muhammad - peace be upon him - sent this nation a new, sent a right to be closer to the miracles deceived the world and sentenced the deadlines and deadlines, the Prophet - peace be upon 've managed him - do miracles and wonders, to be
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"In the Arabian Peninsula adjacent to Palestine emerged religion, the basis of the recognition of the oneness of God, and this religion know Mohammedia, or as he calls followers of Islam, this religion spread rapidly spreading, and the founder of this religion is the Arab Muhammad - peace be upon him - has been spent on the habits his people idolatry, and united the Arab tribes, and raised their thoughts and eyes to know the one God, and styled morals and Lin temperament and their hearts and make them ready, for the betterment and progress, and prevent bloodshed and female infanticide, and this great work done by Muhammad, peace be upon him - shows that reformers bones and that at the same strength superhuman strength, was a thought of the yoke, and the foresight and leadership, and best known for gently ethics, pliable, humility and good treatment with people, he spent Mohammed - peace be upon him - forty years with people in peace and tranquility, and it was all his relatives love him loving, and the people of his hometown respect him great respect, for what it of orthodox principles, morality and stones, and the honor of self, and integrity "

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