The Importance Of The Printing Press

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Throughout history, technology has been replaced and improved through inventions and innovations. Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press. An invention that had long term effects on the world both negative and positive. Before the Printing press was invented, the procedure to make a book took a lot of time and effort, as each page had to be hand written. Reading books were a privilege for the church and for some of the higher class, books were not available in the lower class, and books were also expensive and couldn’t be afforded. Scientist would also never share their work with each other. Printing was done before Gutenberg using woodblock technology and the problem was it was a complex time consuming procedure. Gutenberg’s invention was a type writer machine he created using wood, it was able to print about 1000 pages per day. His invention allowed for books to become cheaper to afford, therefore making it easier for the lower class as well as libraries to afford books and spread them throughout Europe. With the increase in books and t...
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