The Importance Of The Performance Triad Plan

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"READINESS IS #1, AND THERE IS NO OTHER #1" - (General Mark A. Milley, 39th Chief of Staff of the United States Army). The Performance Triad plan is very crucial to our soldiers well being. Not only does this plan increase their physical capabilities but also their mental and cognitive dominance. Each area of the Performance Triad holds the same amount of importance. Sleep, Activity and Nutrition can optimize performance when soldiers focus on all three together. Attaining the right amount of sleep is important in order for a soldier to perform at their utmost capability. Activity increases a soldiers readiness and functionality. Lastly, nutrition puts them all together. Nutrition fuels a soldier for their daily extremities and enables their muscles to recover properly after a hard workout. These are the areas of focus that I want my soldiers to expect from me while in return I expect the same from them. A soldier should typically sleep 8 hours for every 24 hour time period. However, soldiers have a very hard time achieving this while in the Army due to obligations they need to fulfill. Time management plays a key role in this factor whether or not a soldier balances his work throughout the day. If there is work to be done, it is important to get it done ASAP in order to leave time for…show more content…
This plan is designed to push them out of their comfort zone and challenge them every day IOT get results. Once my soldiers see their results, their moral and energy will be boosted. My overall goal is to ensure each soldier is physically and mentally tough while preventing any injuries. I also do not expect my soldiers to follow any of my plans if I do not follow them as well. I will lead them to my utmost potential and continue to ask for feedback and improvements. I want to gain the trust of my soldiers and I feel I can do that while implementing the performance triad
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