The Importance Of The Nursing Work Environment

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As a nurse manager; how can you create a work environment in which both organizational and individual needs can be met? Nurses are at the core of the healthcare systems. Therefore, the nursing work environment should be that it enables nurses to provide health care services and this incorporates management, social and infrastructural constituents. The nursing work environment is vulnerable to adverse side effects like cost-cutting initiatives and restructuring since they may cause low work satisfaction and overall negative outcomes for the patient. For that reason, it is crucial that a nurse manager promotes various interventions that improve the nursing work environment ensuring positive patient outcomes (Kirwan, Matthews & Scott, 2013). One form of intervention requires that the nurse manager be open to sharing management responsibilities. This will enable the development of a team, and the nurses can administer their tasks with a growing feeling of inclusivity and confidence. In the end, the nurse would be able to achieve self-actualization (Schloffman & Hage, 2012). A nurse in a leadership position should create a working structure that provides nurses with the ability to execute their functions with power and autonomy. Consequently, this will this will refocus the nurse's attention on the customer, and in the end, lead to the…show more content…
Efficient staffing involves adequate remuneration of nurses. Even though it would seem expensive, in the long-run, the investment will pay off in the form of improved patient outcomes, better quality of care and reduced nurse turnover (Kirwan, Matthews & Scott, 2013). Improving nursing work environment is a sure way of achieving quality-of-care goals and pay-for-performance goals that are extremely important to the benchmarking of healthcare
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