The Importance Of The N Word

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Everybody has a different perception on how the N-word should be used. The N-word was first used during the nineteenth century to categorized African americans as “black”. The N-word used as “Nigger” or “Nigga” has evolved to have many different meanings. “Nigger” and “Nigga” have two different meanings. “Nigger” shows the offensive discriminative background that was used when African Americans were slaves. This was used to downgrade them as humans. “Nigga” holds the meaning of friendship within this new generation. It is not used in an offensive way nowadays. Some people see this as a non offensive word as others see it as offensive. If many people, including African Americans use the N-word then why is the word so offensive? The N-word…show more content…
The N-word has had many debates of whether offensive or not offensive. Yes it has the history of being an offensive way to distinguish blacks, but the way the word is used in present time is not offensive. Among many people, including whites and blacks, the N-word is used to mean “friend”. Many people no longer look at the history behind the word due to its change in meaning over generations. We can not stop young adults from using the word because they have a different mindset on the word and do not believe it is offensive. Yes it might be offensive to the people that experience the N-word but Why stop whites and other cultures from saying “nigger” or “nigga” when blacks are saying it themselves? Yet when races other than black uses the n-word, it 's considered offensive, but when blacks use it, it 's accepted. When the word is used in the latest generations is it most likely to not intend any harm. The use of the N-word in music is not to point out or distingues black people, many of the songs that say the n-word come from black rappers. Though when the word is used in many songs it is another way of these rappers to say “my friend”. The word has evolved to mean friend and not be offensive so the n-word should not be considered to be a harsh
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