The Importance Of The Justice System

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In the eyes of the public, the court of law and justice should work properly to convict those who break the law. While the justice system is effective most of the time in doing so, the cases where it is not effective to affect many lives. The courts work together to produce fair sentences for those criminals. The question of justice being served comes at the end of every court case. Regardless of the severity of the crime or what the crime was, flaws and improper investigating can slip through the cracks. While this is not always the case, it affects many lives, family and loved ones. As Americans, we have a higher respect for the courts and their power, but if that power is mishandled, it may not always be brought to light. The innocence project has exonerated 344 people to date, in the last 24 years, which goes to show that there are some flaws in the system that allow people who are innocent to be convicted guilty.…show more content…
This issue of paying taxes for jails that hold innocent people seems silly, but it happens. The lack of standard sentencing procedures and even sometimes nonstandard sentencing allows for people being paid higher or lower penalties for their crimes than others. Though the justice system is there to protect its citizens and convict criminals, it does not help victims by not giving them some power. There are more rights for criminals than for their victims. The justice system should ensure the strength of our laws, but there is also supposed to maintain balance which does not always take place. Most do not question whether the justice and court systems actually allow for justice to be served, but that is something this paper will

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