The Importance Of The Italian Renaissance

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Question 2 Traveling to the past would be amazing, just imagining how it would be if we were able to go back in time and see what our ancestors saw and lived. However going back in time with no choice what so ever of where I was going and in what time period I would end up in is a bit frightening. This essay will explain how I would determine that by a mysterious force I ended up in the Italian Renaissance. Being in a completely different part of the world is a bit challenging; I can only contemplate how hard it would be if I was in a different area of the world in a different epoch. If I was driving towards the college and all of a sudden when I cross the railroad tracks I was transported to the Italian Renaissance I would know where I was by looking for major characteristics of this area and this age. The Renaissance also known as the rebirth is a very unique epoch. This is the time right after Western Europe went through a big downfall in the Late Middle Ages. One way that I would be able to decipher I was in the Italian…show more content…
The falloff made the civilization believe that this era separated the artist and authors from previous periods, occasioning the Middle Ages to be labeled as an era of ignorance and barbarism. This statement was certainly not all true, in the so called Dark Ages there were many institutions and practices that are very important in current time. There are major events that occurred in different times during the Middle Age era. The middle ages are separated in to three time periods the Early Middle Ages which took place right after the fall of the Roman Empire to approximately right around 1000, the Central Middle Ages commences from around 1000 to 1300 and the Late Middle Ages takes place from the end of the Central Middle ages until around
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