The Importance Of The Immune System

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To humans, having a healthy immune system is essential. Our immune system is important because it helps the body fight any foreign bacteria, viruses, and diseases by attacking it, which is why we must take care of it as much as possible by strengthening it. But this so called defense system can also cause problems such as attacking donated organs or blood from another individual, unless the organs or blood are carefully matched. It may also overreact to harmless invaders such as pollen grains, which can cause hayfever, and even in certain cases, the immune system may turn against the body's own cells. The immune system uses different types of white blood cells. Some of these cells which are called macrophages, are constantly patrolling the body to destroy any germs as they enter. In the case of an infection taking hold, one’s body will begin to fight back with a much powerful defense of T and B-cells. These cells give people acquired immunity in order to prevent the same germ form making them ill again. Unfortunately with today’s environmental issues people are dealing with several health problems, especially in their immune system. Air pollution, which is one of the major environmental issues, can cause several health risks. Exposure to air pollutants can have a high possibility of resulting in long term effects on people as well as shutting down the immune system. Therefore, the pollution in the air can affect the immune system by weakening it and making it much more vulnerable to foreign invaders, illnesses, harmful bacteria, and viruses. There are several kinds of toxins and pollutants in the air, which contribute to the serious environmental issue of air pollution. One of those major toxins is dioxin, a highly toxic compound... ... middle of paper ... ...y these health situations occur. In conclusion, air pollution affects the immune system, making it weak and vulnerable to certain bacteria, illnesses, viruses and foreign invaders. Common diseases that are affected the most include asthma and allergies. Air pollution in general has been seen to modify the immune system's handling of particular allergens. The exposure to toxins like dioxin can cause serious health problems for people. Having long-term exposure to this toxin is connected to weakening of the immune system, as well as the nervous system, endocrine system and certain reproductive functions. Hence, everyone has a particular level and exposure of dioxins in the body. Improving air quality is the key answer to avoiding any type of development of disease, but it is a long term goal that will require the help and commitment at the national and global level.
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