The Importance Of The Human Microbiome

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The often cited idiom ‘gut instinct’ is actually a deeply rooted scientific fact. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that there is a logical explanation as to why our stomach is so sensitive to emotion. Bacteria in our bodies have been shown to essentially manipulate the brain, with the interconnections between the gut, brain, immune, and hormonal systems impossible to unravel.

The human microbiome is the collective ensemble of a wide diversity and density of living micro organisms found both in and on the human body. The exploration of this vast ecosystem is an exciting and innovative topic of discussion in recent times. In fact, its relevance has become so important as of late that it has taken its place at the top of 21st century
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It is now becoming the focus of a growing number of research initiatives and new insights are rapidly emerging. Under normal physiological conditions, the human microbiome mediates the digestion of food and stimulates the development of the immune system. It prevents pathogens from invading tissues and organs as well as helping to strengthen it. There are numerous factors that contribute to the shaping of the human microbiome including genetics, mode of birth, infant feeding patterns and diet. Groundbreaking research has recently shown that the enteric nervous system plays a pivotal role in the overall assembly of our microbiome and has even been described at the ‘second brain’. The enteric nervous system is a subdivision of our nervous system and is found embedded in the lining of our…show more content…
It is essential for scientists to keep digging and unravelling the extent and exact mechanisms of the gut microbiome. Their studies thus far have completely opened up new ways of looking at brain function, health and disease, although much of its diversity still remains
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