The Importance Of The Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance was a time when African Americans were able to inconsequently convey their abilities and views without the struggle of being ostracized. Many artists, musicians, writers, actors, and photographers exerted the opportunity presented to them in Harlem. What was once originally a white town became the African American capital of America. Furthermore, the Harlem is Renaissance is known to play a big part in the rights for blacks that have previously been plundered from them. As a final point, the context of the Harlem Renaissance allowed major African American players to flourish which proved that their contributions had many results throughout the course of history.

Pretext/Context Before and during the first World War, ninety percent of blacks had lived in the South. In the South, the Jim Crow laws allowed legal white supremacy. Unfortunately for the African Americans, this law had been ferociously enforced by the whites(“The Harlem Renaissance” 2014). Also, the laws were violently enforced by one specific group called the KKK(Lewis D.L. 2006). Consequently, African Americans had no room for creativity or the expressing of their ideas. On top of the racial segregation, many blacks were
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2002). The Harlem Renaissance gave the world the exuberant ideas and works of black culture. One of the most noticeable works of the black culture that was contributed was jazz and blues. It also gave the black culture the drive and pride they need in order to fit into society(“Harlem Renaissance” 2008). In the end, Harlem was a place where blacks and whites could mingle where it is accepted. This would allow a new thought process that blacks can be associated with whites all around the country(“Harlem Renaissance”

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