The Importance Of The Golden Rule

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Imagine a world where people treated others as they would like to be treated. Surely a world with no conflict comes to mind. Now think of the way that the world actually is and a big difference will be noticed. The first thing that might be noticed, of course, is that it seems today that there is nothing but conflict in this world. This is because of things such as greed, but that is besides the point. Remember the saying in the first sentence? This idea comes from something called The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule, which is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a rule that evidently is not followed. This rule basically means that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. It is not followed, partly because of all the…show more content…
After a while, a group of boys noticed that he would stay longer and eventually debated whether or not to steal the other boys iPod or not. One day they finally decided that they would steal it from him while he was still playing handball. As one of the boys stood outside of the locker room to make sure the other boy wouldn’t come, the others were taking his iPod. Once they had the iPod in their the boys ran to a park across their school. As the owner of the iPod was walking home he was looking for his iPod and noticed that it was nowhere in his bag. Little did the other boys know that they weren 't the only ones in the room while they stole the iPod. The day after in PE, the boy who seemed to be spying on the other boys hid so they wouldn’t see him. The reason why he was hiding was because he had in mind to take something away from the other boys. Following the Golden Rule should start to take place in everybody 's daily lives. It is something important that people should start looking into because they may be harming others and themselves. The world would be way better if people would fair to one another. If there was no more stealing, killing, criticism, and etc. Think about the future and how much better it would look, knowing all human beings were to get

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