The Importance Of The Freedom Of Speech?

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The First Amendment protects the right of freedom of speech, which gradually merges into the modern perspective of the public throughout the history and present. The restriction over the cable TV and broadcast media subjected by the Federal Communications Commission violates the freedom of speech, irritating the dissatisfied public by controlling over what can be said on the air. Should the FCC interfere with the free speech of media? The discretion of content being presented to the public should not be completely determined by the FCC, but the public in its entirety which enforces a self-regulation with freedom and justice, upholding and emphasizing the freedom of speech by abolishing the hindrance the FCC brought. The author Robert Garmong…show more content…
Since the public has its own right to decide what to say and what to hear, and telemarketers are not quite defined as hate speech, individuals should block the junk mails, telemarketers, and so on by themselves, without violating the freedom of speech for the telemarketers. The FCC apparently should not interfere with the free speech at all in terms of protecting the free speech rules of everyone citizens, including the telemarketers. The telemarketers have their own right deciding what to say, even though the telemarketing receivers have the rights to refuse to respond as well. By protecting ones own right of having silence at bath time, it may be more efficient to turn off the cell phones than asking the federal constitution to regulate the telemarketing. Thus, since that “we all share the same constitution; somehow, it must protect us all”(Rottenberg & Winchell 592), both the public and the FCC should be aware of the essentialness of preserving the freedom of
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