The Importance Of The Cuban Embargo

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This embargo is ultimately hurting the people of the Cuba more than the government. The United States has all of the resources that Cuba needs, but they cannot get access to them. This embargo is punishing the wrong people. Being deprived of basic essentials such as medicine, food, and technology is inhumane, and should not be taken away from them. Because of this, the embargo has to end.
The United States is simply not fully following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human beings are born with certain fundamental rights, benefits, and protections. They are inalienable, and cannot be taken away or given up. The US is not granting the Cubans and their families their rights. They are not being guaranteed the right to travel, and they have limitations to even visiting Cuban-American families. They also do not have proper food, medicine, and security which are partially the United States fault because of all of the restrictions from the embargo.
There are many anti-embargo groups because people feel that the United States is not being fair. The embargo is creating a hatred for America among the Cuban population. Fidel Castro has even managed to get the citizens of Cuba to favor him while making the United States seem like they completely caused their economic depression. This means that he has not been taking responsibility for his failing country. Not only are Cubans becoming anti-embargo, but also countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Even Florida and other states in the US are not agreeing with these sanctions placed on Cuba. People feel that they are illegal and pointless now because the embargo clearly has not and is not working.
It has been more than fifty years since President Kennedy set an...

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...undwork for a peaceful transition to democratic rule”(1). The United States should work to end this embargo and transition Cuba peacefully.
To conclude, the embargo on Cuba should be ended. This policy has failed for more than fifty years and it has not made a change for the good in Cuba yet. The embargo has hurt the Cuban people more than the leaders who run the country. Cubans have been suffering because they do not have the resources to live comfortably and it is not fair to them. Also this embargo is putting a dent into our economy because we are not taking advantage of the cheap imports. We are also losing money from not being able to make exports to them. This embargo is becoming a failure. It is time to see some change instead of waiting many more years to see if Cuba will convert into a democracy; therefore, the United States should end the embargo on Cuba.
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