The Importance Of The Bible In The Bible

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In another attempt to defile the integrity of scripture, critics have found what they believe to be flaws in the Old Testament. One example of this is a theological flaw. They propose that Christians create an entire idea or philosophy based merely on a singular verse or phrase. A great example of this is that the idea of original sin can only be supported by Psalm 91:5. (Suttile, 2008) This notion proposes that the Bible is not supportive of itself and also leads many to jump to conclusions and make uninformed assumptions. The idea marking its consequence by creating the stereotype of bigotry and uninformed decision making which deters credibility for the Christian religious institution as a whole. Another attack, and a very threatening…show more content…
( 1 Corinthians 13:12, New International Version). This shows that humans may not able fully comprehend all of the matters associated with such an emended topic, but they may do their best. The Bible can be very helpful and it is especially helpful in finding truth. The Bible has achieved this through both direct and indications that point strait to one answer. The Bible is from God. The first example of an indirect example is that in writing 2 Timothy, Paul calls the bible sacred writings. (2 Timothy 3:15, New International Version). On the other hand, a direct example of the Bible declaring itself the word of God may be discovered when one reads Hebrews. The author of Hebrews describes the Bible as "the very word of God". ( Hebrews 4:12, New International Version) One of the greatest examples of this is in the very beginning of Hebrews. It starts out by stating, "spoke along time ago to the fathers in the prophets." ( Hebrews 1:1, New International Version) This passages is uniquely profound for not only does it give context of the awareness of the Old Testament, but it also recognizes the ability of God to inspire writing. Another subtle way the Bible declares its inspiration is through the way it quotes God or the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 6:16, Hebrews 3:8, New International Version). One of the clearest ways to know that scripture is inspired is the disciples ability to speak through the a Holy Spirit. Many times throughout the New Testament, the disciples embrace the Holy Spirit whether it is conducting miracles or speaking in tongues. One of the most notable times is found in Mark when Jesus instructs the disciples to go and speak by the Holy Spirit. ( Mark 3:11, New International Version). As one keeps this in mind, it only makes sense that the disciples may also use the Holy Spirit to write books of all their amazing and divine
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