The Importance Of The Aztec Hierarchy

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Used: 1-58 Please use: 58+ stop C: Aztec Hierarchy The Aztec people had a complex hierarchy system. In this system, there were different levels of societal structure that one could be in. Their hierarchy was divided into three main sections-the Emperor(41), the nobles(42), and the commoners(43). The Emperor of the Aztec empire was the person at the top of the Aztec hierarchy, and was given a title, "Huey Tlatoani", which means "Great Speaker". The emperor's role was not hereditary-that is, he was not born into it only because of his family, and with enough effort, any person could become the emperor. He was chosen by the nobility, often for his qualities (such as being a good strategist, etc.). Once he was chosen, he became the most powerful person in the empire. Though his subjects knew that he was mortal, he was considered to be the closest to the gods (without actually being one), so they treated him like one. Thus, his orders were never questioned. He lived in a gigantic palace(44), and was given all possible luxuries and privileges. When he had to travel through the city, he was carried on a screened platform, that was covered in ocelot skins, by servants(45). Even the streets were cleared for him(46). However, the emperor also had important roles in Aztec society. He was responsible for being the chief priest, the commander-in-chief of the Aztec Army, and the head of state. As the chief priest, the emperor needed to attend religious ceremonies. His responsibility for being the commander in chief of the army meant that the emperor had to be a skilled warrior, and a capable strategist. He had to know how to lead others, and how to be successful and victorious in battle. The emperor also had to make important decisions that... ... middle of paper ... ...ok up to 4 baths a day) and had good hygiene, so they did not suffer from many of the illnesses that the Europeans had to withstand (that could have been largely prevented by good hygiene). Marketplace The marketplace was a place where the Aztec people traded goods. It was held in the market district of Tlatelolco (which was in Tenochtitlan). it could hold up to 60 000 people at a time, and an average of 25 000 people went there in one day. Some of the things that were traded included slaves (16), red dye (19), cotton cloaks (20), and canoes (18). The Aztec people often used cacao beans (17) as a currency when they were trading. The people at the marketplace who were trading were usually merchants, farmers, and artisans-all of them looking for goods and money. There were also different sections of the market for different goods that were being sold. (???use 24))

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