The Importance Of The Arab Spring Protests

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The Arab Spring protests, occurring in early 2011, has changed the way in which protests and revolutions are formed and advanced. Near the end of 2010 countries in the Middle East, such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, were under oppressive rulers. One man, Mohammad Bouazizi a street vendor who had regularly been oppressed by local law enforcement, had enough and one day set himself on fire as a form of protest against the condition of living. That single event triggered mass protest in Tunisia calling for both social and political change. Likewise Egypt and Libya followed suit when they observed the leader of Tunisia flea in less than a month because of these protests. In a matter of weeks much of the Arab World was engulfed by demonstration.
For the first time on a large scale many activists turned to the Internet and social networking as a way of organization for protest. The scale of these individual revolutions makes the reasons for and means of protest leading to revolution more important. The protest’s effectiveness in achieving social change shows demonstrates their success. However this also pushes the questions of
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In the years leading up to revolution many people of the Arab world experienced horrendous living conditions. Such conditions like repression of civil rights and government corruption led to a rallying point for people. The use of social networking and the Internet greatly enhanced these points because the “grievances [of the people became] collectively understood” (Rennick 162). Sarah Anne Rennick, a political scientist, also notes these shared feelings turned into “a collective belief in the capacity to achieve change” and thus spurred mobilization on the part of the people. The transmitting of tribulation through social networks united people under the same perspective allowing them to act together during
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