The Importance Of The American Revolution

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The United States of America would no doubt be what it is today without the American Revolution. The revolution helped the 13 colonies to be independent from its mother country England. There, it produced aspects of individualism, liberty, freedom to vote and hold office, and free market. The American Revolution is an enormous turning point for the United States, likewise, the events leading up to it were just as significant. From the Great Awakening, to the Stamp Act, they impacted the country to help be what it is today. The unavoidable revolution began the newfound country with it’s unique government and demographic. The country represented an “‘...asylum to the persecuted and oppressed of every nation and religion.”’ (Foner 221). Thus,…show more content…
The war was a product of the rivalry between Britain, and the French and their allies. The allies consisted of the Indians, whom the French needed to help manage the trade in their colonies. The Seven Year War was established by the “...Ohio Company’s demand for French recognition of its land claims that inaugurated the Seven Years’ War.” (Foner 166). Furthermore, the Ohio Company bought the Ohio Valley, which was a middle ground between the colonies of the British and French. Both of them wanting the claim of that land, caused the conflict of war. Due to that, it caused the British to be in deep debt to Prussia and Austria in exchange for their help in the war. Once the British won the war, their idea of getting rid of the debt was to increase the tax of the colonists, which further enraged them. The colonies promise of more land was unfulfilled. Another outcome from the Seven Year War that affected the American Revolution was the Proclamation of 1763. After the British victory, they needed to manage the Native Americans who were furious. Their angry caused the death of hundreds of colonists and lost forts. “But the uprising inspired the government in London to issue the Proclamation of 1763, prohibiting further colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.” Therefore, the Proclamation made the colonists bitter who
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