The Importance Of Texting And Driving

It is unquestionable that texting while driving or using any mobile device for any reason especially for texting is a recipe for disaster. Being stuck behind a texter is a frustrating experience to say the least. They might cause you to stay an extra cycle at the light because they did not notice the light turning green. This can set off a driver and induce road rage and now there are multiple dangerous drivers on the road. If you text and drive your nit just a hazard at lights, texters swerve and cause accidents because their focus is not driving. It has been common knowledge ever since I have started driving that nobody should text and drive, but non-the less I see it every day when I am out on the road. Texting and social media influence…show more content…
On the one hand, some motorists argue that they see this as a good way to move forward and to help improve safety on the road. On the other hand, other motorists argue that this bill is invading privacy and cannot be used to understand all the events of a crash. Also, this could have bias based on the race and gender of the persons of the car accident on who gets their phone searched. My own view is that having the textalyzer implemented into law would cause more problems than it would solve. As a victim of a car accident due to a man who was texting and driving, first hand I would not have seen any benefit to myself or the man who hit me. This would have only been a further inconvenience in addition to making the claim’s and calling our insurance…show more content…
Primarily, the bill does not help get texters off the road, it only goes into effect after a crash has happened. Secondly throughout car advancement throughout the world we keep getting increasingly technologically advanced, we are not moving away from the idea of technology and driving. Jamie Lincoln Kitman says that car manufactures are implementing lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, and functions of stopping the car and steering the car when you fail to, to have marketing appeal to people who text and drive. He claims these are partial solutions to hazardous drivers. America is working on the own self driving car and until then drivers will continuously use their cell phones in their car at their

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