The Importance Of Teenagers

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A child walks through the store caring his Yu-Gi-Oh Cards in hand without a care in the world. That same child walks through that very same store several years later, but he doesn’t have those cards in hand because he’s afraid of what people will think of him. Judging others based on what they find enjoyment in has become a common issue and is over looked far too often. Whether it be in Europe, Asia or a small town in Texas, judgement will always find a way there. High School is one place where you will find this to be more relevant than anywhere else on the planet. Every corner you turn someone is sitting there waiting for you to come around that corner so that they can unleash their divine judgement on all your values. Teenagers will change everything about themselves just to seek approval from their peers. I was one of those teenagers. I was seeking approval from everyone and everything around me. What I didn’t realize is how it would change me over the years. My first year I wanted to be one of the popular kids just like in the movies the guy who everyone in the school wants to be like. That didn’t happen I just ended up hanging around the nerdy kids and hated it. The next year I thought I would give it another shot, but once again I failed to accomplish being popular. My third year I gave up on the whole idea of being an idol and I just…show more content…
In order to fix this issue, I don’t have to go out and start a new Civil Rights movement. All that I have to do is have someone sit down and read this paper. Will everyone who reads this paper change? No. It’s un-realistic for me to expect everyone who reads this paper to change how they perceive others, but if one person just one changes how they see things than it’s a success. Maybe the boy who walked through the store fearing everyone around him will read this, or maybe, he’s the one who wrote

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