The Importance Of Teen Development

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Teen development

Shortly after childhood, preteen and adolescence comes afterwards. Puberty comes first both male and females go through this stage, they will have many changes occurring, such as bodily development for the female this entails the growing breast and body disfiguration and also a menstrual cycle. Furthermore, it is found that most females start their sexual development between the ages of eight through eleven. Females will also hit a growth spurt at around ages ten to fourteen. Males start their sexual development between ages eight to thirteen and will hit a growth spurt between the ages of ten to fourteen. Studies show that puberty is the gateway to a teenage body and requires many key things for development. Preteens need to have an overall healthy lifestyle such as proper nutrition, a well balanced diet and a wide range of physical activity (Kidshealth, 2015).
During this time preteens and teens also experience individuality, meaning they develop their own personality and opinions. Some include; independence from parents, concerns of their body image, influence from peers and ability to sense right or wrong. Many emotions come with these changes as
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Unfortunately parents cannot 100 percent protect their child from everything but with positive parenting at home, some of these situations can be avoided. Parents need to have set rules and guidelines for their children as they are becoming a teenager. Parents should also have very high expectations for their children so that they know how much you truly want them to succeed. Parents also need to become more available in their child’s life. Most of these risks will be taken when the child knows that the parent will not be home and does not care. Parents need to monitor their child’s friendships and relationships to help avoid as many problems as possible (Oswalt, What Can Parents Do To Prevent Teenage Alcohol and Drug Use,

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