The Importance Of Technology On Women

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Are technology related field only for men? The answer to that is no, but many believed that it is. Technology has evolved many times throughout the past years. While others have embraced the modernized technology, some are still opposed due to the fear of the unknown. opposed it due to not being used to it. Since ancient times, women has played a minor role in society since they were expected to do a certain job, like being a housewife. Women in society haves been estimated to do less than men because of the gender bias that men are more superior than women. Researchers are interested to find the reason why many females avoid having jobs that are technology related. Reasons why women tend to shy away from this field is a mandatory area of research for society. It’s a necessary field of research to see why women aren’t interested in STEM related jobs, and why there are more men in this field. In recent years, women in STEM careers has dropped due to many circumstances. There are many reasons female avoid going into jobs that are related in the STEM field. Many researchers have found countless reasons why female avoid jobs in STEM. One of the…show more content…
In order for women to go into this field, they have to think that these jobs are not boring and can be beneficial for others or themselves. Females would also have to ignore the what others say about this occupation being only for men. Furthermore, people may say men are more capable in this job because they have better skills in science and math than women. Although this claim may be true, women are also capable of being excellent in these two courses too. To get the younger generations thinking about STEM as a future career, there needs to be more female in this job to serve as a role model. Research has found these reasons to be the cause of women avoiding STEM careers, and there may be more out there to be
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