The Importance Of Technology On Technology

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Using technology within a curriculum, gives students, many choices that they need to decide on like how to generate, obtain, manipulate, and to also display information. Writing this research paper is an excellent example of how all these criteria are met. One must generate information from external sources, manipulate the data with multiple supporting examples, and put everything together into a well suited essay. Students learn a lot by processing the information independently with their own mindset creativity and thinking out of the box. As always, there are some students that decide to make the wrong choices that set the student off track. Many of these distractions come from various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other…show more content…
This will make some students start to grow being dependent and reliable on technology to do everything for them. Moreover, students will use less of their own problem solving skills on their own, but rather have a computer solve it. How can one be dependent if they do not even have the technology that they can depend on? Many low income teens are noticeably less likely to own computers and know how to use them than their more well off classmates. In addition, “…most low-income families with computers lacked a connection to the Internet.” ( Knowledge of using a computer is important for every student. Growing dependent on technology is also very hypothetical because when using technological equipment, you must still use your brain in order to operate and create with that machine. Most importantly, students are not relying on technology: they a¬¬¬¬¬¬¬re just adapting to the most magnificent inventions of our time that is changing the future of ours as we speak. For instance, the web connects the user to experience the real world where people across the world use on a daily basis. This provides numerous opportunities by having the connection to the ever-changing real world simultaneously, experiencing the big world on a
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