The Importance Of Technology On Health Care Information Systems

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Introduction In this paper, I will be discussing the growth in technology in today’s health care system. In healthcare, technology is increasingly playing a role in almost all processes, from patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care tools. (Jayanth, 2014) Technology has changed health care for the better; it gave stress and pressure employees more opportunities to make their job easier. By having a smart, transparent information systems in the healthcare system, will benefit the organization and the employees in the health care organization. Identify and analyze what you believe to be the most significant new technology requirements for the health care industry. Indicate how providers should approach the implementation…show more content…
Argue that the need for technological innovation and / or modification is most pressing. Support the argument with examples. The health care information systems are important tool to help improve patient safety, health care quality, efficiency and data collection and may help restrain rising costs in the health care industry.( Takvorian, n.d) These two basic technologies underlying Health care information systems: • Electronic Health Record: Stored patient medical history like such as medical history, medications, allergies, lab results, immunizations, and billing information. • Practice management software: allows the organization of patient appointments, lab results, and referrals, but does not organize with the specific information on each patient. Both health information systems are software’s use at the medical offices to have easier and well-organized work flow. Healthcare information technology is an important innovation in healthcare. According to Gupta (2008), while hospitals and other care providers have long been quick to adopt breakthrough technology in medical devices, procedures and treatments, far less attention has focused on innovations in networking and communications. There being less focused attention on innovation in networking and communication because medical offices have IT workers, that helps improves the network security to not let breaches get in the security systems and help able to transmit patient information back and forth without having hackers take or look at patient

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