The Importance Of Technology On Education

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Technology evolves annually, adding new features, applications, and creative opportunities for further advancements. Education, on the other hand, is considered by some critics to be archaic and unimaginative as it conserves the principle practice of pencil and paper textbooks and notes.
In the past decade, technology advanced faster than previously before, forcing the question whether schools and communities should integrate technology with education and how much better can it enhance the learning process. Recently, most schools debate not as much if technology can improve it but rather, how much is appropriate to include for the education standards to exceed while still having a balance of proven traditional methods.
Education committees
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Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools? quotes, “87% of K-12 teachers believe that ‘today’s digital technologies are creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans’” (1). Teachers are fearing that these technologies are magnifying the attention ‘epidemic’ already affecting the younger generations. Implying technology, if integrated as a required education technique, would cause a drastic reduction in the control the teacher has over the…show more content…
It is important, however, to find common ground on how to approach and embrace the advance by taking the risks rather than shying away from it.
An important factor in decisions is choosing the best appropriate time to introduce integration of technology with education. In addition, it is agreeable that technology devices are not a necessity in every class, such as mathematics where a calculator is sufficient for the work required.
To lessen the risk on schools losing an investment by integrating, an option can be to offer a choice between the tablet and the textbook, allowing the students choose their education rather than the district choosing it for them. Finally, by including and integrating technology in classrooms at a rate that is not brash but still efficient enough to keep up with innovations can make both the students and the schools feel empowered to create a knowledgeable and creative path of
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