The Importance Of Technology Integration In Curriculum Design

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Technology integration should be included in curriculum design (Stanley, 2013) and should go beyond the traditional approach of just using technology in lessons. Ali, (2010) reveals that many teachers still lack the required familiarity with technology to integrate it effectively. Integration should make the technology an essential part of learning, be well coordinated, provide access to greater knowledge than conventional methods and provide skills useful to future learning (Tearle, 2003; Yuen, Law, & Wong, 2003). Then, implementation should focus on the needs of the student and it should support the four key components of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection
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For this implementation, a digital projector for the class and tablet PCs connected to the Internet were required for each student group. Additional internet-based Apps were also required to assist with translation, text to speech (T2S) and speech to text (S2T). This method of technical integration was deduced by planning with the end result in mind (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005). Each step achieves some milestone or ‘Nugget’ (Sull, 2009). The end result, and lesson milestones, should provide enduring understanding that students can develop , and they should focus on larger concepts, learning principles and processes (Carson, 2008). This level of integration makes the WEBCALL contribution essential to the lesson and learning (Stanley, 2013).

The lesson plan employs a combination of face to face and technology facilitated learning and communication. This ‘blended learning’ approach also adds another dimension into the instructional process, the computer. The computer and the website are not only used as a technical device to create a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), they offer additional opportunities to learn what the target language sounds like, feels like to use, and means through the teacher and students communication about the interactions with the computer and the website. Meskil (2005) refers to this learning strategy as triadic
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