The Importance Of Technology In Technology

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In technology, men and women have different technical skills and domains of expertise, which had shaped the masculinities and feminine technology. Because the gender role has been taught by parents or guratine for boy and girl to behavior in several ways that is apprate to the social norm. So, early on male and female role take on a different path that associated them with the use of technology, for instance, boys would work alongside with his father on repair cars while girls will work alongside with their mother using feminine technology like an oven or stove for cooking, which gender have been separate and growing up believing that this is the norm. Men also approached technology more often with their father, they built different behavior…show more content…
This may truth that women lack the likeness of technology because they were told or strict for that field and so later they so don’t have the drive to love or care for that kind of field and believe they believe that technology is man jobs. Technology has made our lives easier by showing how mechanization serves to raise cultural standards of cleanliness, however these kind of technology have make women work harder rather than freeing them from house chore. The process of conceptualization and the marshalling of resource that design, production and marketing were the domain by men and the industry have excluded women. However, in the marketing, advertisements or media shown to include both gender and featuring in a different…show more content…
For example, a woman may use the technology like electric iron, it doesn’t categorize a technology and referenced as women’s job, while if a man uses it, it’s categorized as technology. Which the masculinist ideologies and stereotype need the democratizing technology contribution from inside to inflect prevailing ideologies of technology that have against women. The gender system is hard to change, but the material technologies show a promising result if it were to increase women in engineer and change the industry polices to training and employment more women, which this may make the other profession like science to accept and acknowledged women. In America tradition or the culture of anthropology, viewed technology as a context rather than a central part of the culture, but technology was the universal human activity that build by a strong analytical that is equally the old or new technologies that is part of people culture and practice ways back before people developed a more advanced technology like today. The communications technologies have launched and adopted into the America culture that such as internet or brought into being cultural

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