The Importance Of Technology In Education

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What is it that helps people become smart and successful in their future? Education might be the first thing to mention. Every day around the world, each individual that attends school to learn and build more knowledge for themselves. Education is the long-term study; thus it brings and gives the opportunity to everyone in the world to change their life in a positive way. However, since after the terrorist attacked in New York in 2001, technology has been developing rapidly throughout the United States and to the world. Technology also influenced to the new platform of education in all states. Besides that, Toby Litt, "The Reader and Technology" and Diane Ravitch, "Promise and Peril" both agree with similar arguments about using technology…show more content…
Technology is threatening to the future of students who have trouble reading and writing proper sentences. The school is such as a new home, new institution community for students to engage with through their life. Compared to Litt and Ravitch, they both have some similarities; however, the main thing they point out is technology’s affect on people, especially students as losing the ability to write a perfect sentences and understand the idea of authors. For example, when Litt discusses using technology in education, Litt argues "Scanning text approach will have a bad effect on sentence structure" (147). As well as Ravitch argues: "Students will learn to write according to the formula that the machines like" (168). Technology is gradually shifting the platform of education to a negative direction. Instead, technology make students become retard and inattentive; technology makes students become less likely to perform well in school. School aspects of education platform—teachers, organizations—affect how students work to progress. In generalizing about education, technology has made a significant impact on the students. In fact, many students become lazy, disinterest and dishonest, such as the young male who…show more content…
Ravitch speaks to the new transform into education platform and the effect of using technology to grade. For example, as he mentions: "The job of testing is shifted from the teacher to a distant corporation" (Ravitch 168). Technology is smart and fast; however, it is still a machine like a robot. Therefore, that is exist some consequence when people continue put technology in education, it would influence to students how could they think and organize to engage into learning with their future to become successful. In general, about technology, Ravitch mentions to the readers how people relate and too dependent on technology around the world. In fact, by using technology in school that affect a lot of to the way thinking of students and teachers such as students are become lazy and not maintain into learning new stuffs instead playing video game. Students are one of the most important elements to promote and build the country. However, how can they develop the country? The first thing is to have plans and meetings for discussion and comments; but how could each individual know and debate on that issue? We must listen to and understand their ideas before making any decision. For example, like students when they write an essay; they put out all the effort, the soul and the spirit in the essay. They want everyone to understand and know what are they trying to argue here. Moreover,
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