The Importance Of Technology And Technology

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An article, “I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet”, was written by Paul Miller, published on The Verge, May 1st, 2013. Miller reveals his experience and thoughts towards his new lifestyle: leaving the internet for 1 year. Within a different generation age group, students had taken a different approach to averting from the internet, and stopped using the internet only for a week. This project was recorded in the article, “Teens and tech: what happens when students give up smartphones?”, written by Erin Cotter, published in The Guardian, on April 23rd 2015. Between these two experiments, of the refraining from internet use, exposed the different reactions and realizations that came to the participants. It is thought by the students and Paul Miller, that by doing this experiment, they would better themselves as a person, by how they balance their time, and how they converse with others, yet they have come to different conclusions. As technology advances over time, the internet…show more content…
For only a week, they would be without the internet, and for this age group, that is a tough commitment. So half the class volunteered to be apart of this experiment. They knew that the smartphone was taking up all their time, and they were curious to what would happen without always being on social media. The goal was to basically see what happens. On the other hand, Miller believed that prior to his year long experiment, that the internet was making him unproductive, it had no meaning, and it was corruptive. He wanted an escape from the “unnatural” modern lifestyle, living by the internet. Because of this, he decided to stop using it for 1 year, and see if it would better himself for doing so. Miller’s Goal: “to discover what the internet had done to me over the
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