The Importance Of Technology And Technology

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IMMEDIACY + CONVENIENCE As digital natives of the internet, social media and mobile technology, Millennials are accustomed to nearly instantaneous access to whatever they seek. And their expectations of healthcare are no exception: according to a ZocDoc survey, more than 93 percent of Millennials delayed medical care, often due to frustration with the traditional healthcare process and industry. Furthermore, “A lot of young adults feel they have absolutely no time to go to the doctor,” said Dr. Karen Soren, director of adolescent medicine at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and an associate professor at Columbia University Medical Center. “Young adults don’t have that sense of job security within their employment…show more content…
Operating under significant financial constraints, Millennials consider a range of options with transparency and detailed information to search for better deals and make value-based decisions. Half of Millennials look online for information about their insurance options, whereas seniors generally turn to printed materials and a company representative before going online. And peers are a significant source of information for Millennials; for them, “doctors are only one part of the health education ecosystem — patients want to learn from fellow patients about how to manage their conditions and pay their bills.” More than any other generation, Millennials want to be engaged in every step of their health care. In fact, somewhat counterintuitively, Deloitte’s 2015 Survey of US Health Care Consumers found that younger patients are transforming more quickly into more engaged customers, starting at higher levels of engagement than other generations. While they are less likely to prioritize healthcare in their busy lives, when they do, they are highly engaged and empowered. 28% percent more likely to self-diagnose, referencing online resources like…show more content…
"Healthcare is no longer confined to the traditional channels of the hospital and the doctor 's office,” reported Communispace’s ‘Healthcare without Borders: How Millennials are Reshaping Health and Wellness.’ “It 's happening in a discussion with a friend over coffee, a hypochondriac 's Facebook news feed, a Google search in the drugstore…It 's happening 24/7, everywhere and anywhere. Even as we sleep, our wearable devices beam REM patterns up to the
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