The Importance Of Technology And Technology

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Imagine a world without electronics, it’s nearly impossible right? That’s because electronic devices are one of the most influential things in our lives today. It allows one to enter a new world through a screen, solve problems to questions that have yet to be asked, and connect with people across great distances. There is no question that the world would not be as advanced had we never created the devices we have now. From cell phones to tablets and iPads, we are living in a generation where information is at our fingertips and there is little left to the imagination. Children are practically exiting the womb with a cell phone in hand and eyes glued to a screen as they grow up. The emphasis on imagination and creativity seems to have decreased over the past couple decades and can be a rare quality to come by. Parents are allowing their children to have electronic devices very young and some even use it as a way to bribe their children. Kids often times become addicted to their technology much like an adult would become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They feel like they need their cell phones or iPad’s just to get through the day. Instead of little boys running around outside they are sitting on the couch playing Angry Birds. Little girls aren’t dressing up like princesses or making up games with their Barbie’s anymore because they are too busy checking their Twitter. Creativity has become such an obscure concept in the lives of children today and technology may be the driving force behind this. Electronics are causing elementary aged children to lose their ability to think creatively for themselves and is actually harmful to mental development. Cell phones, iPads, and laptops have just recently become a necessity in everyday life.... ... middle of paper ... have a creative outlet that is an electronic free environment so they do not grow up in a two dimensional world. It is unhealthy to raise a child in a virtual world where they do not communicate with others face to face and create relationships. There’s a lot to discover about this world but should not be done strictly through a computer screen. Since kids are the future, we need to mold them into strong, independent adults who have the brainpower to think for themselves and make their own decisions. It is important for them to learn how to use electronics and media in this technological age but we also need to teach them the significance of living life independent of a cell phone. The world is much bigger than our devices and as adults, we need to lead by example and enforce these standards in our children to create a lifestyle where creativity is alive again.
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