The Importance Of Technology

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Technology has such an influence on the world today. Due to this ever changing and growing area, students need to be up to date and familiarized with technology in order to be successful in the future. Through technology students are given the ability to actually think about information in ways such as creating obtaining and displaying information. Through my experiences technology is something that a child can put into their hands, and they are able to learn pretty quickly how to utilize it, and are able to use it as a tool to be successful.
Contrary to what most people think, there are more elements to technology than just a computer within the classroom. Students are able to learn podcasting, blogging, creating videos, creating websites
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Students are also able to display their ideas globally which has in the past not been possible. This is truer for the students to have mastered programs and no shortcuts; they have an increased desire to assist students who are struggling or having difficulty understanding/creating something for technological reasons. This was evident in the video, as you are able to see that students are helping each other and working cooperatively in the classroom. Also, the teacher explained how students were able to identify they are able to work effectively with others. This is great because having interactive learning illustration can create a better understanding of…show more content…
For one, today’s students have been exposed to digital technology since they were born. Therefore, they are more comfortable with learning and emerging into the different technologies which can be utilized for advancements in education (Sanchez, 2011). There are certainly complications that can arise when implementing technology into the classroom. For one, some of our experience teachers may find difficulty in transitioning to using technology since they are more used to the older methods of education. For this reason it is important for the school districts to implement workshops and classes that way all students have the ability to learn equally and or given the same opportunities as every other
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