The Importance Of Technology

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Wake up, check your phone. Leaving for school, grab your laptop. Come home from school, do homework on your desktop computer. Getting ready to unwind, grab your iPad. Before going to sleep, check your phone. This has become an accustomed routine for a generation so technology driven. We often look at others who don’t own a phone as if they’re a foreign species followed by the words, “how do you go about your day without it?” Society depends on technology products to be able to go on about our day normally. Statistics state that 90% of adults in 2014 owned phones, and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on the amount of people that own other types of technology such as computers, tablets, laptops, etc. Technology has greatly evolved…show more content…
Step into a mall and visualize everyone in the same room as you. Fifty percent or even more will be talking through the phone, texting a loved one, or using the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks to help browse through their Instagram feed quicker. Before technology, communication was much more meaningful due to the level of difficulty and time it took to reach the person you desired to talk to. Letters were popular and treasured as tough but memorable times. Hemangi Harankhedkar states that “the current new generation lacks essential interpersonal skills”. We have acquainted ourselves to converse behind a screen that we have forgotten the importance of face-to-face contact. Communication has took a complete turn since the times of back and forth letters. We depend on our cellphones to reach a person in a few seconds and begin to panic when they don’t answer when back then, it took days to get a response back. It has also changed in other aspects as well. Communication is no longer strictly verbal. Texting was created and according to a study done by Pew Internet and American Life Project, one-third of Americans prefer texting over calling but in the teenager age group, texting is the more popular of the two. Although some may argue, this advancement in communication is more beneficial than not. In times of desperate trouble, for example when someone needs contact with the police…show more content…
Every teacher has a desktop in order to run attendance, check important emails sent in from administration, print out that day’s assignment and many more. With the internet going down on a school day, everything becomes unsettling and the teachers begin to look for other alternatives to help carry on throughout their lesson but, they find themselves struggling without their accustomed plan. The lesson for that day may even be canceled because for some classes, the internet and computers is the only tool necessary to complete their work. For instance, an English college class may need the internet in order to complete research for an assignment but without laptops or desktops or internet, it is impossible to accomplish. This is one example on how the school system is highly dependent on technology. Not only are teachers reliant on technology, but the students as well. It is no longer acceptable to write an essay on paper with a fancy pen. Most teachers expect a printed version or submission through a drop box online. In addition, students need constant research for assignments whether it be credible source websites, online dictionary, or even an online calculator to help solve a mathematical problem. It has become extremely challenging to accomplish the assignments given by teachers without the use of technology to help aid us through the process. Technology in the classroom has also said to shown
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