The Importance Of Teaching Math

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Math is a big part of our life and is used all the time, from handling money to telling time. However some people may have anxiety when they think about having to take a math class because they don’t like math, let alone some having to learn how to teach math. Everyone has a different experience and for some learning math comes easier than others. Thinking about math gives me anxiety and didn’t have the best experiences when it came to learning math. Knowing that I have to teach math makes me a little nervous but I am willing to make my experience a positive one.
Thinking back about my experiences when it came to learning math, I didn’t have the best experiences because I struggled to understand the different techniques and tools that are used when solving different equations. I do remember having a good experience when I was in elementary school because my teacher made my experience a fun experience by doing a
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According to the author, “reflective thinking is the key to effective learning. This is true not only for children but also for ourselves as we continue to learn more about effective mathematics teaching (Van de Walle, J. & Lovin, L. & Karp, K. & Bay-Williams, J. 2014. Pg.xvi).” This quote stuck out to me because I feel that it is very important for teachers to reflect on their teaching skills and make changes if things are working out. In this week’s discuss, one of my classmates commented on my post saying, “teachers are required to teach math for ninety minutes” (Schmidt, 2016, October 9). Patricia also mentioned that she has seen teachers review material that has already been taught. To me ninety minutes seems like a long time to hold a learners attention, but I could see that if a teacher makes learning fun then this wouldn’t be an
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