The Importance Of Teaching As An Effective Teacher

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As teaching is composed of implemented skills that help students become successful, a teacher’s goal should always be wanting to have a positive effect on students. Taking in consideration the fact that teaching is perhaps to be seen as a complex enterprise, it requires more than just knowledge to make a difference. The multiple reasons for teaching to be considered as such complex enterprise often have to do with the large amount of responsibility one faces in this field. While the actual purpose of teaching may be the same in all areas, it is a challenge when faced with the diversity of dynamics which comes to show that teaching itself is based off on the decision making nature (Snowman, McCown, and Biehler, 2009, p. 3). Although any teacher can have the knowledge of teaching, the qualities of being an effective teacher is based upon themselves. Based off one’s decisions, it establishes the expectations they have for their students stating just how important their role is, for example, the situation in the film “Freedom Writers.” After seeing the film, the role of a teacher in which Ms. Gruwell showed many of the qualities make her a superior individual. Indeed, taking in consideration the environment in which she was teaching, she encountered herself with difficulties that dealt with racial integration. Her class was composed of at risk students that self-segregated themselves into racial groups. Yet, her enthusiasm for teaching helped them see past that. Ms. Gruwells character demonstrated more than simply just a teacher. Her commitment towards her apathetic students made her not give up on them in hope of changing their mentality of not caring for school. With her creative ways of wanting to learn, she sought to help them car... ... middle of paper ... those who inspire and those who do not. As Ms. Gruwell was faced with at risk teenagers and an environment she was not prepared for, adjustments, skills, and qualities helped transform the lives of her students. Her belief within her students resulted in a positive outcome that would ultimately inspire upcoming generations to excel and make a positive difference. This illustrates that although one is capable of being a teacher, it takes the belief, wanting, and qualities from within oneself to actually becoming an effective teacher and making a difference towards inspiring students, just as Ms. Gruwell did. Based upon the qualities given in Psychology Applied to Teaching and the situation Ms. Gruwell was faced with, both analogies matched each other proving how one is capable of becoming an effective teacher, and thus, making Ms. Gruwell an excellent instructor.

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