The Importance Of Teaching And Teaching Leadership

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The Importance of Teaching Leadership The four major studies in education are Math, Science, English, and History. Students learn how to diagram a sentence, solve for x, name an element on the periodic table, and learn about the causes of the Civil War. These principles are taught to students from kindergarten to senior year. However, there are some important lessons some students are missing. Learning leadership is often neglected from the curriculum, forgotten in the standards, and overlooked by many educators. The study of leadership is far too important to be dismissed from education. The future of our community, country, and world depends on the future leaders and their skills. Unless leadership is modeled, demonstrated, and the opportunity to practice leadership skills is available, it is expected to have less effective leaders in the world. Today’s job market is incredibly competitive, often the difference between applicants getting the job is not the extra math course taken, but the leadership opportunities taken in high school. While many students spend their focus on regular courses, those who take the time to get involved and gain leadership experience become more well rounded and valuable assets to companies, universities, and the world. A group of Harvard professors said, “The demand for improving the practice and quality of leading has never been greater for those responsible for preparing future leaders, the sense of urgency and commitment is palpable” (Snook). Training the future presidents, doctors, and parents’ leadership skills while they are young will prepare them for the problems they will face later. A large part of learning how to lead is having opportunities to practice. There are many chances in every... ... middle of paper ... ...nd hope the natural leaders will continue to develop their leadership skills themselves. Something has to be done and that something is creating leadership programs in every school across the nation. The investment in students to become better leaders will pay off immensely in the long run. The education system cannot ignore the silent pleas any longer, it is time to spend just as much effort teaching students how to solve problems and be leaders in difficult situations as we do teaching them to multiply and divide. The students are ready, the time is now, and the result will forever enhance the direction of the United States. Leadership studies are far too valuable to be dismissed from education. Teachers, respond to the call of action, and students rise to the challenge. Today students learning how to effectively lead, become tomorrow’s leaders leading effectively.

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