The Importance Of Sustainable Development In Africa

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Since the 1980’s the concept sustainable development was acknowledged by the whole world, thus it brought the need for environmental protection in developing and planning practices. Furthermore the meaning of sustainable development is creating opportunities that will be able to maintain the present and future generations, however the concept is a complex phenomenon as it involves three main principles namely the environment, society, and economy; therefore, sustainable development is often described as a pathway to environmental conservation. In addition at the same time, it influences socio-economic development within a country at a local and national level (Brandful 2015). Therefore Africa as a continent with many countries with unique history, human roots, and cultures inspires the whole world, thus it should be able to achieve sustainable development but due to history it will be a hard challenge, However in the past Africans especially North Africans lived the wealthiest, Southern Africans were on top with trade, Sub-Sharan Africans were the best workers it is also believed they originated from Nigeria and are known as Bantu’s. Furthermore, East Africa's had the most powerful cultural identity and also where the most in population size only due to agricultural surplus. On the other hand, West Africa, where most empires were present, cultures were commercially visible it also took root along the southern parts of the Shara desert (The history of Africa n.d).…show more content…
Furthermore, this paper investigates African challenges, African Diversity, the urbanisation rates and policies, and environmental degradation with poverty and how it needs each other to reduce poverty. In addition the stability of politics and how a green economy may change Africa’s Path to sustainable
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