The Importance Of Sun Protection

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Once upon a time the sun has become our biggest source of energy and health. Currently, the situation is a little bit different. Recent days, we know the overexposure under sun's rays is potentially dangerous for our skin, and the gradual wish to have better suntan is replaced with healthy tanning routines. How our biggest organ - our skin is ready to adopt and transform the sunlight so that it is with healing power. It depends on several factors.

As whiter, your skin is, as more sensitive it is. This does not mean dark-skinned should not be cautious to their sun protection. Different people have different types of skin. But some of them think their sun protection is reliable if they buy a sun lotion with the highest SPF. In most cases, these
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Our food as a sun protection. It is less well-known that you can amplify your sun protection if you increase the consumption of B, C, A and E vitamins. Fortunately, summer offers many fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins, and you can take your daily dose of them from tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, citrus fruits, cranberries, etc.
If your body receive enough quantity of zinc and calcium microelements, you are less prone to sun allergies. Preferably, you should consume more nuts - walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and dairy products, in order your skin to be more protected.
As you know, better sun protective creams contain carotene, which is an antioxidant - naturally found in carrots and all yellow, orange and dark green fruits and vegetables.
Your UV- sun protection will be more effective if you consume food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which excellent sources are flax oil or seeds and seafood. If you don't want to smear strange perfumed chemical creams on your skin, here are some natural sun protections, which you can find in your kitchen or beauty
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If you are looking to wear your sun tan for a long time, do not allow solar rays to burn your skin. For fair skinned people, it will be impossible to stay under the sun without high SPF. Most of the plants oils have SPF, but some of them are with a higher factor.

Carrot Seed Oil - 38-40- SPF
This is one of the most popular plant oil, contained in many cosmetic products for sun protection. In addition to its high sunscreen characteristics, carrot oil can heal and refresh your skin. It is rich in vitamin E and many antioxidants, which stimulate new skin cells' growth and protect from cancer. With the typical orange color and earth scent, it is not pleasant for everyone. That's why you can mix it with coconut or cocoa oils, to prepare your natural sun lotion.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 28- 50 SPF
If you need a luxurious and sweet oil, which can moisturize and protect you from the sun rays, raspberry seed oil is the one. It has an anti-aging effect that can reduce your wrinkle appearance and increase the collagen production. Besides the high quality of vitamin A and E, it is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids, which have an amazing effect on the body health.

Wheatgerm Oil- 20
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