The Importance Of Summer Break

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Summer break is the time to learn new things and experience life. If summer break were taken away from hard working students they would have less family time. Parents are able to take more time off work during the summer to go on vacations with their kids or just to spend time with them. If summer break were taken away from kids, they would not get as much time with their family and that could lead to depression. Summer break is the time for students to experience life and develop new skills that are not taught in schools. During high school most students will have a job during the summer break. Summer break is the time for those high school students to start being independent and learn a new set of skills. For high school student’s summer break is when they will make the most money to save for a new car, go to the movies with friends, or just about anything they want. Some high school…show more content…
Here in Massachusetts winter is very cold and snowy. During the winter people have to bundle up and stay warm. What student would want to hang out with friends then, there is nothing to do. Stores close early, ice cream shops are closed until summer, and there is nothing fun to do. Summer break is the time to have bon fires and be outside with friends and family. Some parents may like the idea of no summer, but students will start going down hill emotionally and academically. Besides students needing the long summer break there are the teachers who also need that summer break. Teachers work hard all year long to make sure their students get a good education and eventually graduate high school and then hopefully college. During the summer break teachers can continue their education, teach abroad, attend seminars or workshops, teach summer school or work a summer program, have private tutoring sessions, they can plan for the next school year, and find new ways to get involved in their school, etc

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