The Importance Of Suicide

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Life: Our Treasure
The mind matters. Life matters. But why do people commit suicide? Why do they take something away that is only given once? Suicide is the act of which people do that is caused by the depth of their sorrow, depression, and their thoughts that they could stop anxiety by ending their lives. Suicide often comes up when a person feels they run out of solutions to intolerably painful, inescapable, and never ending problems. It is the worst way to die, and it leaves a great impact, like a ripple effect that spreads out the pain. Suicide is not just a minor problem. It is not something one should take easily, and definitely not something to ignore. A prior suicide attempt, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) fact sheet,
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If that person talks about wanting to die or kill oneself, if that person talks about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live or talks about being a burden to everyone, if that person is behaving recklessly or differently, if he/she is isolating his/herself, and if he/she is extremely moody, we should not ignore it. Connection, the exchanging of thoughts or simply communicating with others, is one of the keys to avoid suicide. We need to remind ourselves that we have each other, or that no man is an island. Sometimes, suicidal people only want to feel that they have someone, that they are not alone. Listening is not hard, especially when you really want to help. Be there for that person, lend an ear, and see what difference it makes to someone who really needs someone to talk to. Lessen negativity because it is a big influence to us and to our behavior. Remove toxic from our lives. Be someone who would inspire others to fight, be someone who would always remind them how precious life is, and be someone who would help those who lost their way get back on track. Suicide can be prevented, if we care. Suicide is a result of a weak mind and of a weak soul, but never a solution. Seek for help and talk to people because ending your life doesn’t make you stronger. Killing yourself means giving up, and giving up means losing. But fighting,
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