The Importance Of Success For College

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Failure is inevitable. Every single person experiences failure in their life. These failures can be rather insignificant, or they can be catastrophic. But, no matter the size, all failures are painful. For some, failure hurts the most whenever one has been trying to succeed for a very long time, and then fail. So much time and effort is put in to achieving a goal, but all is lost when strikes. Unfortunately, this happened to me. I had put a lot of time and effort into becoming an honor graduate of Hempfield Area High School, but I became ill with “senior-itis” and never met my goal. Although failing to become an honor graduate had an immense impact on my parents and I, it helped me set high goals for college, and realize important lessons…show more content…
I was on track to become an honor grad. I was just barely above the required GPA, and I had the perseverance to keep putting all I had to reach my goal. Through my first 3 years of high school, I had above average grades, and put everything I had into becoming an honor grad. But in the middle of my senior year, “senior-itis” started to kick in. My grades had begun to drop, and the perseverance that I had started senior year with had vanished. I was accepted into college, and I no longer found a reason to continue to study like I had in the past. I stopped studying for tests, and I basically stopped trying. I would get “sick” a few times a month, and miss school. This was out of the ordinary for me. I was the kind of student that missed two or three days a year. Since I wasn’t in school, I missed a lot of lectures, and missed a lot of assignments. These assignments were graded and I could make them up, but I only did the things that were easy. Whenever the third grading term was over, which was the cut off for grades that counted to become an honor graduate, I had found out that I no longer had the GPA to be an honor grad. I had missed it by just one percentage point. At this moment, I realized that I failed. I had put more than 3 years of hard work and dedication in to become an honor grad, and I basically flushed it all down the drain during my senior year. I had let myself down, along with…show more content…
This happened when I failed. My failure reveled to me several life-lessons. One lesson that it showed was to never give up. I was right on track to achieving success, until I stopped trying. If I had continued to try to reach my goal, I would have achieved success. Another life-lesson that my failure taught me was to set your goals high, to a point where you can’t stop trying until you have met your goal. During my freshman through junior year, I worked very hard to accomplish my goal. Then, during senior year, I stopped trying to achieve my goal, because I thought that I already met the goal. If I would have changed my goal to being the top of my class, I would have had to try very hard until the day of graduation. In turn, I would have become an honor graduate. My failure also taught me to never give up. I would have achieved success, if I hadn’t given up. Another aspect of life that my failure taught me was to never forget your goals. When “senior-it is” hit me, I completely forgot about my goals. Had I remembered my goal, I would have succeeded. One last life lesson that failure has revealed to me is to always try your hardest. No matter what the task is, always put all you have to overcome the obstacle. Failure is disappointing, but it is a necessary part of
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