The Importance Of Student Motivation

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Most of the researchers have found that there are significant relationship between motivation and social support, within the organization and school. In organization, a study from Lin and Huang (2011) have purposed to examine the relationship between achievement motivation and training motivation. Furthermore, the study also investigated the social support of managers and colleagues as moderators for testing their effect on the relationship between two variables. In findings, the training motivation is significantly affected by achievement motivation, while the social support of managers and colleagues shows a moderating effect in organizations (Lin & Huang, 2011).
In schools, Urdan and Schoenfelder (2006) have purposed an analysis article to describe and analyze the research on the contextual influences on student motivation critically, by reviewing the research from three theoretical perspectives (achievement goal theory, self-determination theory, and social-cognitive theory) and the field of social relationship with teachers and peers. In the studies of all three perspectives have emphasized the importance of providing students with a sense of ownership in learning process and the appropriate challenging academic work, will more likely to improve student motivation. Whilst, the perspectives of psychologist on social relationship have found the motivation behavior in school results from a combination of the characteristics of students and the environment. For instance, to encourage the “unmotivated” student willing participants in academic task are needed the conditions of the tasks are according to their interests, or got the opportunities to meet the social needs through the cooperation with friends or caring support from...

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... the path of enrollment to the college, which due to the factors of the possible lack in adult role models and the required knowledge to assist in successful completion of college. However, the non-first generation college students are reported to have higher levels of motivation and more likely to attend college for achieving higher grade point average. Besides, the researchers also found that receiving support from family is important for the students to increase the well-being and chances of enrolling in college (Pannell and Olmos, 2012).
As a whole, the studies showed the motivation will positive affected by social support, within the organization and school. In addition, the relationship between motivation and social support will impact the differences in achievement. However, the year of study and sex differences will persist as areas of concern in our study.
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