The Importance Of Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning is an extreme way that leads to success. It gives us the vision of the future state. Making plans helps the company to apprehend what is and has been going on around them in order to decided what’s going to be their next step to reach their goals. Strategic planning has variety types of ways that leads towards success. Therefore, there are two kinds of planning Business SWOT Analysis and Communication planning that leads to the success of any company. Business SWOT Analysis is a way to uncover opportunities and a great way to prioritize the company’s expectations to achieve their goals. What is Business SWOT Analysis? “S” stands for strengths, “W” stands for weaknesses, “O” stands for opportunities and “T” stands for threats.…show more content…
It encourages others to develop their understanding towards others and the importance of working in groups. Communication planning has few steps to follow: “Search and Analysis, Goals and Objectives, Target audience, Key messages, Communication strategy, and Evaluations” (Inett, 2003, para. Steps 1-6). Having to initiate this planning, research is important. For instance, SWOT analysis. Finding the company’s internal and external analysis. Listing goals and objectives increases “10% of membership and increases the funds of business community” (Inett, 2003). Targeting the audience is very important because you need influence certain organizations to support your business and build its strength while lessening its weaknesses. Some of the great and influential targets would be business oriented people, educators, professionals, so on. Key messages are a way of persuading the audience with considering their own objectives. Essentially, in order to persuade them, you have to motivate them with the words. While working, employees need to comprehend the tactics and implementations. Their approach has to be fit with the resources they’re being acquired with. By advertising, having government relations, media relations, so on helps the business grow and reach to its success level. Evaluations is a way to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a company and for further improvements. Evaluations help the company to understand and see where they stand and what they have to do in order to achieve their
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